Making a Claim


Claims time is when you finally obtain some benefit from your insurance company. This is moment of truth as to whether your huge investment in insurance premiums is worth the hassle.
Most insurance companies have formal processes for submitting claims, and it is important that you follow this process. These may include appointing an assessor or even an investigator. Most policies contain a specific obligation on you to cooperate, and within reason you must provide information or assistance requested by the insurance company.
The most important thing to remember about claims time is to be honest. So many people are caught out by an insurance company making false statements when they would have still been covered if they had told the truth. For example, if you’ve had one drink and were clearly not under the influence or over the limit, then disclose it to the insurance company, as it would have to pay the claim anyway. If you were driving a little bit over the speed limit, and were at fault in the accident, tell the insurance company – that would be no basis to decline a claim. 
However insurance companies will question you in detail, and if you do deliberately lie about one of these things, they can decline your claim even if they would have had to pay had you told the truth.   In some cases insurance companies have been fount to have deliberately tricked the client into making false statements just to get out of the claim. Be careful. You have to co-operate, but if you are concerned, seek legal advice.
In disability or income protection claims, it is common for insurance companies to use private investigators to do covert surveillance – watching you to see what you’re up to. If you are making such a claim, assume you’re being watched – chances are you may be.
The other important thing to remember is seek help before it is too late. If you are feeling nervous about your rights, or have any concerns, you are always entitled to seek advice from your lawyer and to have your lawyer present. Too often, by the time people seek advice in relation to a claim, it is too late.
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