“Thanks for your amazing work. Don’t stop the good work you are doing.”
Mr & Mrs P. Bay of Plenty

“You’ve done a great job and were very professional throughout the whole saga.  I will recommend you 100%.”
Mr K. United Kingdom

“Fantastic work.  Thanks for sorting this disaster out for us.”
MM Auckland

“We are very grateful for your assistance, advice and encouragement during this trying time.  I have learnt a hell of a lot about how the world of insurance works and in a few areas it really shocked me.  Your indepth knowledge and expertise were what made it all happen.”
Mr G. Nelson

“The result was great, and thanks for all your expertise and assistance.”
Mrs S. Hamilton

"Thanks for your articles - the people of Christchurch really need your advice to get out there"

M.R. Christchurch

 "Thankyou for your prompt reply, I emailed a claims handler with your response and an hour later the investigator rang me. Hopefully their wheels are in motion now to processing our claim"

C.H.  Auckland

 Andrew, this kind of information is important and a good public service - it contributes to general financial literacy and empowers people to deal with insurance companies in a less 'in the dark' way.

 "Too often we watch media coverage where people claim to have been unaware of this kind of information being out there and then being 'duped' by insurers - it is good to know that if people bother to look they can find the help."


"As a former Loss Adjuster, having handled well over 4000 claims, I would like to say--this is very good advice."


"Thank you Andrew for assisting us with this matter, I will surely be in touch if we are every in need of your services again."


"Thank you very much for your help. We both understand you have done a lot of work on our claim. We can't imagine what will happen without your help.  Again, thank you very much!"


 "I think you have done a fantastic job. Thanks for your support and hard work."


 Andrew you are the best lawyer we have ever had and I would definetly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their insurance. Once again thanks alot for your help with our insurance claim....We COULD NOT do anything without YOU! :)








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